Shoe storage ideas

It is definitely important for us to keep our items in an organized manner and shoes are not to be left out. Organizing your shoes not only means putting them in a central location, it also helps in keeping our spaces tidy as well as accessing them easily. Keep those beautiful shoe collection in an organized manner to avoid clutter. We have rounded up a few ideas that you can put into great use.

Shoe containers

The shoe containers have made storage super easy. Most of these containers can hold two pairs of shoes at a time making accessibility easier. Once you get these boxes you don’t really have to unstack them to retrieve the pair of shoe you want. They are user friendly and provide each shoe with its own space. They also add an aesthetic appeal to your closets.

Pocket shoe organizer

If you are very short on space for your shoes then the pocket shoe organizer is a great choice. You can hang this item on your door but you have to make sure that you keep larger shoes elsewhere to prevent the shoe organizer from constantly falling every time the door is opened.

Shoe racks

Shoe racks often suit larger spaces such as a spacious floor rather than a closet space. However, it does not matter whether you decide to put your shoe rack on the floor or against the wall, rather what matters is that you get your shoes stored in an organized manner. Checkout for more shoe rack designs that will fit your needs and wants.

Shoe cabinet

If you are looking to save some space, easily access your shoes and store them in an elegant way, then the shoe cabinet is the right choice for you. It is made of expandable shelves that allow you to easily get your shoes. However, you need to be keen on keeping the cabinet clean because it becomes a little challenging to clean the folios once too much dirt accumulates.

Under-Bed shoe storage organizers

For the shoes that you rarely wear, an under the bed shoe storage organizer will come really handy. These organizers are cubby style design which is meant to be slipped under the bed frame. They are made of soft sides that can easily be adjusted to fit as much as twelve pairs of shoes.

Advantages of having shoe organizers

  • They keep your shoes well organized
  • Makes it easy to find your shoes

Keeps your home clean and tidy