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Al Fresco Anglais


Boy Runs


Mid Life Crisis


Stag and Hen


The Collector



May Contain Nuts
Read blog 29-12-13

Breaking Horses
Inspired by an Anda Union concert and a disturbing documentary about the nomads of Mongolia.

Holford Arms
Short lived, but legendry folk festival at the unlikely hamlet of Knockdown.

Rose Tremain
Attempting to write a small piece in the style of the peerless Rose and failing of course.

Popular in live performance and here because of repeated requests for it's inclusion on an album.

Our fast disappearing manufacturing base doesn't seem to be a source of any great concern for those who know what's good for us.

Never been motivated enough to acquire this dubious quality.

Leaves On The Line
Bleak little number this, had to grind it out, but I love it.

May Contain Nuts
What did we suffer from before they discovered it was nuts that were to blame?

Day Return
A significant year for a very troubled and misunderstood lady.

The true story of Christmas revolution.

There was a stowaway on the famed Shackleton expedition, he chose to subvert my song by boarding in South America. I prefer him cadging a lift to his Welsh homeland.


Self explanatory and indispensable.

First Day Of May
Written after seeing the upper echelons of the American administration sitting around with beer and sandwiches, watching the execution of Osama Bin Laden. Henry Cooper died on the same day.

For all those who struggle with an unreliable attention span.

It is a major failing of mine that I rage against the inevitable, but I do believe that the evolution of the mobile phone is running about ten years ahead of the evolution of mankind.

Full English
Never give it a thought at home, can't resist it when away from home.

For anybody that has ever been told they are "not well" The Mental Health Act is a very imprecise science, sometimes a life saver, sometimes not enormously helpful.

Look At Them
There's not much wrong with the kids. As far as I can see we would have been much worse, but we didn't have the technology.

Love Song
I have huge admiration for anybody who can write a successful pop song. Wish I could, but there are millions I'm glad I didn't write.

Commissioned for the Bradford on Avon Walking Festival. They were quite pleased with it, does have a limited appeal though.

From the point of view of the only person who has no choice in the matter.

Eau De Cologne
Old song this, but in it's previous incarnation, it fell victim to some over zealous production. If you are interested enough to need it explained, drop me an email.


Somebody suggested that this song should be an "allegory for modern life"
Who am I to argue?

Nobody comes out of this situation with much credit, central character or bit part players, not a generous soul in sight.

Dad Dancin'
I actually managed to get a dad to do some dancin' during one performance of this song, and very good he was too.

Small Change
From the chink of almost valueless coins to the tweaking of unpopular legislation, with an aristocratic beano thrown in.

Sometimes my concentration is not all it should be, when the information being imparted is insufferably dull and the 'imparter' is....well....a bit tasty.

The population of the village I live in is a quite unusual, approximately one therapist for every person needing therapy.

Quaking in the presence of hairy shantymen, how I envy their ability to subdue vomit. Thank God for the Channel Tunnel.

Coming Second
Speaking of God, I do believe there is still one very significant promise yet to be fulfilled. Any day now?

You've Been Great
Specially designed for that oh so rare accolade, an encore!!
Thank you and Goodnight.

You'n Oo's Army
A rabble rousing chant, punctuated by a fairly sketchy understanding of the world as I see it.

An imagined history gleaned from a grubby banknote.

Where I live, some days are so peaceful, the only sound to be heard is the military exercises on Salisbury Plain.

Whip And Chair
Remember lion tamers? Ah, the innocence of that casual abuse of wild things.

A shameless piss-take of that spurious Irishness, so prevalent on the English folk scene.

Five A Day
Official government advice seldom stands up to close scrutiny. The "five a day" mantra no longer applies, so they say.

You have to have a chorus song to lob into the mix, don't you?

We are so careless with those frail little digits, and they are pretty bloody cricial.

Fail Soon
I have felt that I was short of time since I was about eight. Now it's getting serious.


This album is my personal favourite, it came together in a relatively short time, and was a fairly painless experience from beginning to end. I think that feeling comes across in the songs.







Fairly Busy




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