I hope some of you might be interested enough to seek out my earlier work, perhaps something you've heard at a gig, which has not been posted as a download. I graduated from recording stuff on cassettes, to making C.D.s, in the year 2000, five of these albums are still available, some in small quantities, some in embarrassingly large piles, this is a brief guide to those albums.


2000... BADWORD, Ellis Island, Walt and Harry, Myrtle, Solly, Tumbleweed, Bacon, Eau De Cologne, St. Giles Blackbird, If I Have Anything, Ballads, Virtual Reality, Silly Old Men, Martinique, Badword, Kings and Jacks.

2003... BUNCHES, Holy Communion, Islanders, Men Bugger Off, Middleton Hill, Runaway Bay, Fred Lewis, Day Out, Bunches, Azeris, Small Companion, Funeriddle, Vows.

2005... SHEDSONGS, 25 to 3, The Door, Sneakin', Miss Appleton's Bell, Dogsong, The Bridge, Warstars, Pasties, Catsong, Biker's Cafe.

2007... ...UM..., Hammer, Domestic, ...um..., Socks, Wealth, Spill, Graduate, Jack Marquick, Mr. Wilson, Bookmark, Corridors.

2008... GOOD IN BED, Old Guys, Walking, Accidental, Pearly Gates, Good In Bed.

Subsequent albums, from 2009 'til present day, are on the downloads page, and all future albums will appear there, usually in April or May of however many years I am still a functioning entity. Let me know if you want any of the above, and I will hotfoot it to the postbox, in the indefatigable belief that most people will lob a few quid back in this direction, bless you all.

Love Mike.

Contact by email danver63@btinternet.com

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