You've already missed.....




Sunday April 8th

 Barneys at the Little Vic.
The Queen Vic, Stroud, GL5 1QG.
£4, 7-30pm.
Old friend Karina runs this regular event, once a month I believe, and most of the information appears to be on Facebook, so go there and try Barneys at the Little Vic.


Thursday March 22nd
The Anchor Folk Club
The Blue Anchor, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7RL

Time and price t.b.c.

Probably the furthest East I've ever been booked, lovely people who saw me at Chippenham, and sought me out for this little adventure. Really looking forward to it.


Friday March 16th
Cheddar Library, Cheddar, Somerset.

Time etc. t.b.c., but evening anyhow.
Seems to be the future of acoustic music, as the number of folk clubs booking guests diminishes, the library and art centre circuit expands. A whole new world opens up!


Sunday March 11th
Chum's Micro Pub
Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol.

7-30pm, donations.
Guy Hawthorne's regular session is putting on a fund raiser for a Bristol homeless charity, I believe it's Emmaeus, but I may have too many or too few vowels in there. Several acts before and after me.


Saturday March 10th

Keevil Village Hall, Wiltshire, BA14 6NA

Bit of a word of mouth job this. A Tony Howe production that involves mostly Keevilites, and a few itinerant troubadours like me. Usually sold out long beforehand, but you could try.





Tuesday February 13th
Folk Around Fishponds
The Cross Hands
1 Staple Hill, Fishponds. BS16 5AA

Few Quid (around a fiver I think), 8pm

Tony, Andy and crew take a punt on me every couple of years, and we always pull a decent crowd, so long may it last.




Saturday/Sunday January 20th/21st

 Bradford on Avon Roots Festival.
Wiltshire Music Centre, Ashley Road, BA15 1DZ
Various prices and times.
Lovely to be back at this jam packed weekend, I'm on main stage 1-15pm Saturday, but there is tons of stuff to occupy you before and long after.



Friday December 22nd

Keevil Parish Church, Keevil, North Wiltshire

7pm, donations.

Bit of a fund raiser for a well supported village institution, most of them have seen me before, but I'm not sure the Vicar has, bless 'im. Lots of choirs and Christmassy stuff, maybe the odd nibble or two, probably no booze.


Monday December 18th

The Nova Scotia Folk Club.
The Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin Bristol

8pm, Coupla Quid, (Three or four I think).

Of all the clubs currently operating, this is the one I have visited most often, and former organiser Mike Dibble was brave enough to give me my second ever booking, when I was really awful.


Saturday November 11th,
Litton Village Hall, BA3 4PW
time/price etc. t.b.c.

One of Keith Beeton's occasional music nights, always lively and involving a troupe of regulars on the Somerset folk scene. Used to be a four hour job in the early days, much more digestible now.


Monday October 16th

The Alma Vale Tavern
Alma Vale Rd. Clifton, Bristol.

'Still Doing It!'
8pm, price t.b.c.

Part of the Bristol Poetry Festival.

Second outing for the collaboration between Mike Scott and David Johnson, gamely holding back the advancing years with a wry look at the prospects. If the stadium tour doesn't materialise, at least we can fall back on the pensions.


Sunday September 3rd

The West Barn, Bradford on Avon 8pm

"Village Pump Takes Flight" and lands just a few miles up the road at the second leg of my barn tour. Rosie Upton promotion in conjunction with BoA Arts. Sorry for the scant information, probably more at The Village Pump website.


Wednesday August 30th
Davis Hall, West Camel.

Camelot Music Night, 8pm, £5
Martine and Iain still shuffling the pack of local artistes, check out the online poster to find out which hand they've dealt this time.


Saturday  19th August  8pm
St James Wine Vaults, Bath
Part of the Bath Folk Festival.
This year I'm sharing an evening with Ali George and John Wilson, both of whom are respected and popular on the Bath music scene. Format not yet finalised, but I hope it's in the Gallery Room and acoustic.

Full program available on the festival website

(in the near future)


Saturday August 5th  8pm

First leg of my tour of obscure barns with no discernible address, the upside is that it's a fundraiser for a worthwhile cause, and Mells is very small. Also involved are various stalwarts of the Bristol folk scene.



Sunday June 11th 2017

The Panborough Inn
Wells Rd, BA5 1PN
One day festival, free entry, programme t.b.c.
The Panborough Folk Club has successfully returned to it's birthplace, and is staging a one day festival to celebrate it's current good health. Bernard has very generously included me in the proceedings, probably in the afternoon.


David C. Johnson & Mike Scott

Friday June 2nd 2017

Bath Fringe Festival, Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Bath.
Time/price t.b.c.
Still Doing It, a collaboration between Mike Scott and David C. Johnson.
Quite a departure from my usual way of operating, and also very flattering that a stalwart of the poetry scene should want to work with me. I have known David for many years, and appeared with him as solo artistes on the same bill, but this is the first time we have dared to match wits in public. I hope he's gentle with me.


Friday 26th - Monday 29th May 2017

May 27th/28th.
Chippenham Folk Festival, various venues, times and prices,
(Full info. on festival website.
I have to say, a year without a Chippenham appearance is a pretty bleak year, so I'm delighted to have crept in at the lower end of the extensive guest list. Crackin' venues all over the town, so even if you don't fancy a dose of me, you'll find something that appeals to you.



Saturday April 22nd 2017 8pm

St. Margaret's Hall, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1DE  
price t.b.c.
Avonworks Day, (Part of the B.o.A. Arts Festival).
A virtual reconstruction of the industrial past of the town, apparently M.C.'d by a robot! I shall be as curious to find out how that works, as I hope you might be. Not sure what my involvement is, but I'll be in the mix somewhere.


Thursday April 13th 2017

8pm, £2
Further info. at

Used to be a regular at this lovely little club when I lived in South Glos., bit of a trek for me now, so I'm really grateful for the chance to meet 'em all again. Launchpad for many top musicians who have gone on to grace festival lists all over the place.



Saturday March 11th 2017

Keevil Folk Night
Keevil Village Hall, Martins Rd, BA146NA

Very little information about this one, as most years it's only the villagers who attend, but if you were motivated to venture into deepest West Wilts, I'm sure they'd take your money and find you a seat. Google Keevil Folk Night to get further details.



Wednesday February 1st 2017

The White Horse Folk Club, St. Michaels Church Rooms, Highworth, SN6 7AD
8pm price T.B.C.

Long standing association with this club, now at one of the cosiest venues in the region. Formerly organised by the late Bill Bailey, and now in the hands of Chris and Derrick Beer, it is always lively, and always a pleasure to play.




Wednesday December 21st

The Alma Tavern, Alma Vale Rd., Clifton, Bristol BS8 2HY

Doors open  £9/£7

Word Wizards, a Trevor Carter promotion, featuring The Bard of Windmill Hill, David C Johnson, Mark Darkside and me. Carefully assembled team of wordy people, with a wry take on the lunacies of the festive season. Possibly even a Christmas Carol wedged in there somewhere. More details on The Bard Of Windmill Hill website.


Saturday December 3rd

Saltcellar Folk Club

Totterdown Baptist Church
Wells Road, BA4 2AX

7-30pm, £5
Laurie likes to get his year filled up early, I've been pencilled in for this one since the summer of last year, the formula seems to work, with audience numbers regularly topping seventy. Must knock together a bit more Christmas stuff.



Friday November 25th
Trowbridge Old Town Hall, BA14 8EQ

A Night For Dorothy

 £10 on the door, 7-30pm.

This fund raiser has been running for more years than I can remember, formerly at the excellent Arc Theatre, the current scaled down version has moved to the more intimate Old Town Hall, gone acoustic, and squashed me in for a 15min. slot, half a dozen other acts also on the bill, see Village Pump website for details.



Tuesday October 25th
 Bradford on Avon Folk Club
The Swan Hotel
1, Church Street, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire BA15 1LN
8pm, pass the hat job.

I have probably attended this club more than any other in my protracted trollings around the West Country, so by default it must be my 'local'. Always a friendly welcome, and they don't seem to mind me going back again and again and..........


       Saturday October 22nd

Rachel Fowler Centre, Melksham, Wilts SN12 6EX

A Evening For Amnesty, featuring the classiest duo in West Wiltshire, Jacqui and Felix Byrne, and myself, raising funds for Amnesty International. I've worked with Jacqui and Felix many times, and they always earn high praise from their audience, and any performers lucky enough to be on the same bill. More details on West Wilts Amnesty website.

Door opens 7.30pm  £7


       Wednesday September 28th

Davis Hall, West Camel, Camelot Music Night. 8pm, price t.b.c.

Martine and Iain's regular cavalcade of various musical genres, always something I've never seen before, and always top quality.


Monday  8th August  8pm
St James Wine Vaults, Bath
Full program available on the festival website (in the near future) , but this is a confirmed gig, same venue as last year, and jolly good fun it was.


Friday 22nd 23rd 24th July
Village Pump Folk Festival
Westbury Country Park
Prices various.

Long standing fixture in the folk calendar, now established at a new venue. Not sure which day I'm on, check festival website to catch, (or avoid), me.


Monday July 18th

The Lamb
St. John's Street, Devizes, Wilts.
Devizes Folk Club, 8pm, Usually about £5
Previous arrangements reinstated, any other artistes who may have been advertised for this date, at various junctures, will not be present, unless of course they turn up to see me. Also, I will not be there in November. Sorted.


Friday July 1st
 Freshford Village Hall, Freshford, Nr. Bath.

 7-30pm, price t.b.c

Fund raiser for a Palestinian project, being organised by the admirable Terry Pitt, who at some stage will be spending a ridiculous amount of time on a bike, somewhere in the occupied territories. All I'm doing is warbling few songs for an hour or so. Other artistes are involved, don't know who yet


Wednesday June 22nd

The Lansdown, Clifton Road, BS8 1AF
8-30pm, price t.b.c.

Event titled 'A Song For Syria', Trevor Carter's initiative, involving The Bard of Windmill Hill, David C Johnson, Mark Darkside and me. Format not yet sorted, but given the selected team, a chuckle or two can be expected.



Saturday June 4th

Hanging Langford Village Hall
Duck Street, Salisbury , SP3 4PA

Price T.B.C.

The Langfords on home turf, with carefully selected support from the likes of me, and maybe four or five others. Established event this, and the villagers still come in respectable numbers, mostly armed with large quantities of wine and nibbles.


27th 'til 30th May

arious venues around the town, prices and timings t.b.c.
Hugely flattered to have been booked immediately after last years festival, (well, five or six weeks after, that's pretty immediate by my standards). Long established event with an extensive guest list and some terrific small venues as well as the main site.



Tuesday April 12th

The Cross Hands
1 Staple Hill, Fishponds, BS16 5AA
Folk Around Fishponds. 8pm, nominal door fee
Did this one a few years ago at it's previous venue, and very nice it was. Looking forward to some lively floor spots, and some familiar faces from the old days on the North Bristol scene.



Friday April 8th  price T.B.C.
Millbrook Village Hall, The Parade
Millbrook, Cornwall, PL10 1AX.

Recently formed Millbrook Folk Club have granted me the privilege of being their first guest, many thanks Nicky and Joshua, I can only hope I am the first of many, not the first and last! I don't leave England very often, so this is quite an adventure.


Saturday March 19th  7.30pm  small charge
Victoria Hall
Church Street, Radstock,

Bit of a cheeky one this, the Acoustic Sessions is essentially a classier version of the open mic., but there is a 'Top'o'the Bill', all us open mic types are there to support the excellent Isobel Holly, well worth the money on her own.



Wednesday, February 24th

Camelot Music Night, Davis Hall
West Camel, BA22 7QX. 8pm. nominal charge on door.

Martine and Iain have been organising this event for a decade or more, and there's been an act I've never seen before at all of them, don't know where they keep finding 'em, but grateful they still fit me in amongst the latest discoveries. (Remember Carroll Levis?)

FB page



Monday, December 21st, The Nova Scotia Folk Club
Cumberland Basin, Bristol. £3.

They have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that a couple of sets from me will enhance their Christmas celebrations. They know best, I'm working on a couple of seasonal diatribes.


Friday, December 18th, Hullavington Village Hall
Mike Scott & Village Voices
Tickets £10 (£7 under18's) from Lisa Samuel 07496 718565
Same set-up as at Corsham a few days ago, with a fresh crowd of eager punters, we hope.


Monday, December 14th. The Pound Arts Centre
Corsham, Wilts.
Mike Scott & Pound Sound
Tickets £10 (£7 under 18's) from 01249 701628

Collaboration with Chris and Lisa Sammuel's choir. Format still to be decided, but I do know I've got forty minutes to meself somewhere in the proceedings. Usually good fun when them Sammuels's are involved.


Sunday, December 13th
Twickenham Folk Club, The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham. TW1 3SZ 8pm, price t.b.c.

I can now say with complete candour, "I'm taking my show into the West End." Well, it's Londonish, and it's Westish, and probably as close as I'll ever get. Long established club with an impressive list of guests, which I am delighted to join, and hope to live up to their standards. Nice to have an audience that has never been subjected to my stuff as well.


Friday November 27th, Trowbridge Old Town Hall

Market Street, Trowbridge. BA14 8EQ.

8pm, price t.b.c.

Benefit night for Dorothy House Hospice, line up not yet complete, but it's me and a small troupe of the usual suspects. Well worth supporting the cause, and the venue, which is trying to establish a regular programme of events


Friday September 25th, 8pm, free, Father's House, Shaftsbury, Wiltshire
SP7 8PH.

Christian community who have never imposed any restrictions on what I do, mind you, I've never pushed the boundaries too much. Good people anyhow, and always appreciative


Thursday, September 10th, St Margaret's Hall
Bradford-on-Avon, B-o-A Arts Festival, price t.b.c.

Don't know much about this one, other than the theme is 'Flowers'. I can't believe they are serious, come along and see how many tenuous links to the theme we can come up with.


Thursday, August 20th, St James Wine Vaults
10 St James Street, Bath, BA1 2TW | 01225 310335   Price T.B.C.

Delightful little package put together by John Shaw and Alan Kirkpatrick. They've invited Jan Newton and me to join them in an evening of our various offerings, lovely people to work with, and more than willing to do all the organising, which suits me.


8TH – 16TH AUGUST 2015

Monday August 10th, Bath Folk Festival

St. James Wine Vaults. Bath. 8pm, £4 on the door.
Lots of stuff spread around Bath for a couple of weeks, this is only the third day of the Festival, so we should benefit from the early enthusiasm. Support spot from those perennial funsters, The Fellow Travellers, and a couple of varied sets from me, in the best small venue in Bath.

Friday 24th July, Village Pump Folk Festival
Westbury Country Park, 7-30pm. Prices various.

First day of a whole weekend of folk related music, bound to be something to suit most people, usually a surprise package among the less well known artistes.


Saturday July 4th, Keevil Manor
Wiltshire. All day. Entry £5ish.

According to the latest published schedule, I have ten minutes in the middle of the afternoon. What can I say?


Saturday, June 27th, The Cause
London Rd, Chippenham. 8pm, price t.b.c.

The relaunch of the Chippenham Arts Festival.
I played at the first one, many years ago, it faltered and collapsed in subsequent years, but good old Andy Thatcher, of Chippenham FM, has pulled all the various strands together for a week of events.
Support spot from Will Lawton, then a dose of me.


Wednesday June 3rd 8.00pm £4

Seend Acoustic, Seend Community Centre, Rusty Lane, Seend, Wilts.
Rapid return to one of my favourite venues, same applies as what I said last time, though I can't remember what I said. Scroll down to last December, add any information from the Seend Acoustic website, turn up, and enjoy. The support spot is always a delight as well.


Friday 22nd - Monday 25th May

Big one for me this, I did it once and thought I'd done well, but never got back there, so my chuffedness is palpable! Don't know exactly where or when I'm on, but they pride themselves on a very informative programme.


Saturday April 25th Timings and price TBC
The Shed, Tetbury, Glos. All day event,
Testing the Tetbury waters in terms of support for a festival, a small team of enthusiasts holding a one day event which they hope will develop into a regular date in the Folk Calendar. Quite brave of them to have me around at the launch, I'll do me best for 'em.


Tuesday April 14th 8.30pm Free (pass the pot job)

The Swan Hotel Bradford On Avon
Bradford On Avon Folk Club

Phil has kindly invited me to do a couple of sets between the regulars. I suppose in recent years this is the club I have come to regard as my 'local'. I have always visited it's various venues, and now I live just up the road.



Saturday March 28th 8.00pm

The Scout Hut, St. Margaret's Hill, Bradford on Avon, Wilts. 8pm 'The End Of The Pier Show' Donations to Amnesty International.
You could be forgiven for pointing out that Bradford on Avon doesn't have a pier, but that would be a bit picky, after all, it's a good cause, and the intention seems to be to keep it cheerful.


Friday March 13th  £2
Mr Punch's Folk Club, The New Inn, Wedmore, Somerset.
Always a pleasure to play for these people, and the new venue is very welcoming, very popular with the noshers too, if you fancy getting there early.



Wednesday Feb 25th 8.00pm Price TBC
Camelot Music Night, Davis Hall, West Camel.
Full line up can be found on their Facebook page, I will attempt to blast it round the ether if it turns up on mine. However, I know the line up includes the esteemed Tim Laycock, and some 'West Coast Soul'! Whatever that might be. I should slot unobtrusively somewhere between those extremes.



February 7th
8.00pm £5

Langford Acoustic Café, Hanging Langford Village Hall, Wilts.
Third visit for me, having been one of the Guinea Pigs at the first night. They have moved up the scale a bit in terms of artistes, but I'm still creeping in to the lower order, and jolly glad to be so.


February 5th
Price T.B.C.
Chipping Sodbury Folk Night, The Beaufort, High St. Chipping Sodbury.
Return to an old stamping ground, used to be a regular at Chipping Sodbury Folk Club in it's previous venue's, many years ago, but some of the old guard still attend this resurgent venture. I hope they won't be saying, "Hmm, same old stuff."


January 18th

Various prices.
Wiltshire Music Centre, Ashley Road, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1DZ.
Bradford Roots Festival is one of the shrewdest ventures undertaken on the folk scene, coming just when people are desperate for a dose of normality after the lunacy of the festive season. It takes place at one of the best venues in the region, and this year I get my first bash at the main stage, which is designed for a far higher standard of music than I am likely to offer, but I promise it will be fun!




December 13th
Price t.b.c.

Trowbridge Town Hall, Dorothy House Benefit Night.
Gently elbowed out of it's long time home at the Arc Theatre, the Dorothy House Night is now town centre. Never been to this venue, so it's jolly exciting for me too. All the usual suspects involved.


December 5th

  What a Performance, St. James Wine Vaults, Bath.
Still chugging on intermittently, the brainchild of the late great Dave Angus, one of the few things still happening in the gallery room, which is one of the best acoustic spaces in the area. Details on the WAP website


November 26th
All details t.b.c.

The Vaults, Lamb Yard, Bradford on Avon.
A fund raiser for the music and crafts collective known as Made In Bradford. Used to be a member, but I am congenitally incapable of working in a shop. Still feel it is a project worth supporting though.


November 22nd
Price TBC

   Saltcellar, Totterdown, Bristol.
Not the usual Folk Club night, but the same venue. The launch of Alan Kirkpatrick and John Shaw's new album. I am doing half an hour somewhere in the proceedings. These guys have been stalwarts of the Bristol folk scene for many a year, sure to pull a decent crowd.


November 21st
Price TBC

Father's House, Shaftesbury, SP7 8PH
Richard Atkinson project, should be lots of information on his Facebook page, I believe there is also a Father's House page. Several acts in a concert format, and Richard always drums up an enthusiastic crowd, you might have come across him in various other events around Somerset and Wiltshire.


November 19th

Seend Acoustic Club, Seend Community Centre, Wilts.
Malc and Andy have been decent enough to book me, despite the fact that I have hardly been there since they switched to a Wednesday. I hope I don't suffer from the same dilema, people going somewhere else on a Wednesday.


October 16th
Details to follow

Spencers Social Club, Melksham, Wilts.
Bit sketchy on details, but I think this might be a private job, for Melksham Model Car Club, I'm sure you wouldn't be turned away for your lack of modelling skills though.


September 21st
Details here
Narrow Boat Trip, from Devizes Wharf, (and back). 
Sailing time can be found on Seend Acoustic website, as can the cost and other details, but I do know that fish and chips are included, and two sets from me. Being a narrow boat, numbers are limited, and narrow people will be given preference, but I'm not allowed to say that, it's 'fattist', or 'wideist' or something unacceptable anyhow.

September 6th

Saltcellar Folk Club, Totterdown, Bristol.
Laurie's hugely successful club is now an established part of the Bristol scene, and deservedly so, chuffed to be asked to do it.

July 27th
Various prices
Village Pump Folk Festival White Horse Country Park, Westbury, Wilts.
Still strutting my stuff in the lower order of an extensive guest list. The Club Stage is often the most interesting, but there's big names you could peek at, if that's your thing.


July 18th
Price TBC

Rachel Fowler Centre, Market Place, Melksham, Wilts. SN126EX
Fund raiser for a child with serious health issues, apparently not covered by our rapidly disintegrating health service. There will come a time, in the not too distant future, when you will be able to go to a similar event, every night of the week.


July 16th
The West Barn, Bradford on Avon, Wilts BA15 1LF (next to the Tithe Barn)
Includes a jolly decent supper, and songs and poems and a play reading, all proceeds to Amnesty International. I must be in line for a Sainthood by now, all these good causes.


June 5th
Price. t.b.c
The Rondo, Larkhill, Bath. BA1 6RT
Taking the fiesty foursome out into the sphere of serious literature, tagging ourselves on to the prestigious Bath Literature Festival. I can hear the sniffs already.


May 16th

Time etc. t.b.c
Stoke Bishop Village Hall, Stoke Hill, BS9 1EX
The launch of the new Thornbridge C.D.. These people have been raising money for various charities by selling C.D.'s and setting up concerts in and around Bristol, nice of them to include me this time. Details on their Facebook page.

May 7th
Seend Acoustic Club, Seend Community Centre, Seend, Wilts.
Supporting Mark Abis, think I'm first up, smack on 7.30, so if you're late, I'll be at the back nattering to the amazed public, or downstairs shifting vast quantities of product, or enjoying the wonderful Mark Abis. Well, I'll be there somewhere anyhow.

April 11th
Price TBC

The Lansdown, Clifton, BS8 1AF, Bristol.. 8pm

Another chapter in the ever disintegrating tale of the four oldsters, Trevor Carter, John Christopher Wood, David C Johnson and myself. An orgy of decrepitude with a hint of hope bubbling under the surface.


April 12th
Price TBC

Keevil Village Hall, BA14 6NA
This is turning into the year of the village halls, and a jolly good thing too, I love 'em. Last year at Keevil was a tester, and it worked well enough to merit a repeat, all the usual Wiltshire suspects will be involved.


April 20th
The White Swan, Church St. Trowbridge, BA14 8DR
Couple of half-hour spots in an open mic, always been a music pub, but usually band orientated. We'll see.......


March 17th
The Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin, Bristol.
First played at this club in it's Folk Tradition days, probably thirty years ago, when Mike Dibble started to broaden it's remit. The seeds he sowed have taken the club through several incarnations, the most recent era being without doubt it's most successful since that legendary time when 'folk' was Peter, Paul and Mary, or was it Pip, Squeek and Wilfred?


March 8th
Price TBC

Litton Village Hall, BA3 4PW
Another Keith Beeton extravaganza, the first for a couple of years I believe. They are always lively affairs, and usually for a good cause, you will go home smiling, and well fed.


March 7th
Price TBC

The Lansdown, Clifton Road, BS8 1AF, Bristol.
Played in this room last year, really good venue and responsive crowd, not sure who else is on the bill, but details will be on Trevor Carter's website:


February 8th

Bath Folk Club, St. James Wine Vaults, St. James Sq., Bath.
Feature spot in a folk club format, thriving club dragged back from the brink of disappearance by the hard work of Hilary and Chico. One of the friendliest clubs in the West. Plenty of floor spots available.


January 12th

Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford on Avon.
Bradford Roots Festival, two days, various prices, numerous performers.
This years inaugural event was so successful, that next years was never in doubt. It would seem that people are desperate for the normality of a festival in January, after the lunacy of the previous month. Not the least of those people, me!




December 7th
Price TBC
Langford Acoustic Cafe, Village Hall, Hanging Langford, Wilts. SP3 4PA
Did the first one, which was a bit of a toe in the water, to see if the locals would support it. Looks like it's an established event now, with musicians from all over Wiltshire getting involved. Not sure who is booked this time, but I am.


December 4th
Seend Acoustic Club, Seend Community Centre, Seend, Wilts.
Support spots, further info. etc. on the club website.
I always enjoy this one, crackin' little club with a solid support base, thanks to the hard work of Malc. and his trusty crew.


November 22nd
Village Pump Folk Club The Lamb, Timbrell St. Trowbridge.
Supporting the ubiquitous and delightful Jess Vincent, don't know why this club has been so poorly attended recently, purpose built concert space, with the best acoustics in many a mile. Had a crisis meeting recently, but there are some truths which remain unspoken. Don't know what, if you do, let me know, an online debate may be required.


October 29th

Radstock Library
Myself and Tim Graham in a fairly relaxed and flexible evening of our respective stuff, with breaks for socialising and exchanging comments like, "They're very good aren't they?"



October 4th
The Lansdown, Clifton, Bristol. 'Ageing Gracefully'. A celebration of the liberation bestowed upon the cheerfully disintegrating. The brainchild of the indefatigable Trevor Carter, Bard of Windmill Hill, and involving those perennial and habitual word manglers, David C Johnson, and John Christopher Wood. Never played the Lansdown before, having attended as an awestruck audience member, really looking forward to this one. Further information can be found at:-


September 3rd
Price TBA

The Swan Hotel, Bradford-on-Avon.

Bradford on Avon Fringe Festival
Supporting Phil King again, well, it worked jolly well last year, why change a successful formula?

The only 'fringe' that doesn't have a festival to be a fringe of, if you know what I mean.

August 23rd
Price TBA
Freshford Village Hall, 8pm.
Whole bunch of us involved, raising money to get a Palestinian dance troupe over here. More information on Bradford on Avon websites.


Friday July 26th -
Sunday 28th

Village Pump Folk Festival White Horse Country Park, Westbury, Wilts.
Sneaked on to the sub's bench again! Got 'brought on late' last year, and really enjoyed it, hoping to get the call a bit earlier this year. The new venue for this festival, is probably better than the old one, the full line-up is on the website, and my name is on the poster! So that seems to be a pretty good omen.


July 30th

The Swan Hotel, Bradford-on-Avon.
Bradford on Avon Folk Club, which feels like my spiritual home, although I didn't go there until I was in my forties, but my previous spiritual home has got a bloody Ikea built on it, no respect for sacred ground, these developers.


Friday July 5th

Panborough Folk Club, The Panborough Inn, (Guess where), Panborough, near Wells.
Double bill of surprising invention. Pete Stearn and Mike Scott, now who'd have thought that one up. Well, good old Bernard Coulter has pinned his faith on our combined abilities, and now that he's done so, it seems to make perfect sense.

June 29th
Price tbc

Minchinhampton Market House,
My good old mates from a club that used to be one of my regular haunts, until I moved, and they moved, now they are putting on an extravaganza in this truly remarkable venue. Top quality line-up, the details of which I don't have to hand.

June 15th
All day event

Great Coxwell Tithe Barn, Near Faringdon, SN7 7LZ
All day event, too much happening to list here, and I don't know where you would get the definitive list, but if you're determined to find me, I have no doubt you will.

June 9th

Bath Fringe Festival, Green Park Tavern, (all other details tbc)
Hodmadodery, Lightgarden and me, more than that I cannot say, but the Bath Fringe programme will no doubt fill in the gaps.


May 14th

The Grove Sports Centre, West End, Nailsea, Somerset. 8pm, free
Long running session hosted by Rich and Rob, veterans of the North Somerset scene, who occasionally have a featured artiste, 'tis I!


May 11th

Hanging Langford Village Hall SP3 4PA
Spin off from the very successful Camelot night recently. A trip into the beautiful Wylye Valley for an evening of mixed musical genres. A bit of rock'n'roll, some alt. folk, and my particular take on.........stuff. Limited space, so don't be late.


April 26th

St James Wine Vaults, Bath.
What a Performance!
The brainchild of the late great Dave Angus, being kept alive in his honour. Mixed bill of poetry and songs, with a blast from me in the middle


April 24th
Price TBC

Camelot Music Night, West Camel Village Hall
Open mics. come and open mics. go, but Martine and Iain have been setting the standard that many others aspire to for more years than I can remember. Bit tricky to find the venue, but well worth it.


April 13th

Keevil Village Hall, Wiltshire.  Price tbc.
Fund raiser for Dorothy House Hospice, long list of performers, I'm in there in trap five, I think


April 11th

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Church, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0RE.
An evening of Jake Thackeray songs from John Watterson, Nota Bene Choir and me, though I will be doing my own stuff, which is deemed to be compatable with the prevailing theme. All proceeds to the Borderlands Charity.


April 6th
7.30pm £8
In aid of
BRI Scanner Appeal
Paulton Rovers Football Club. Paulton BS39 7RF
Bit of a fundraiser for the 'Lions'. Headliners, Appalachia and The Cathy Judge Band, then there's me, and possibly a few others. Check 'Cathy Judge' website for more details.


February 1st

Hove Folk Club, Hove, Sussex
Google, 'Hove Folk Club' to get more information, I will update when I know more. Good mate Robb Johnson runs this club, so you get the bonus of a few songs from him as well. Looking forward to this one, it's new territory for me.


January 15th
Seend Acoustic Club, Seend Community Centre, Seend, Wiltshire.
Supporting my good mates the Yirdbards, we seem to come as a job lot these days, it's not planned, just happens. Not sure how much this one will cost you, check the club's website for more details.


January 13th
11am 'till 3pm
Wiltshire Music Centre, Bradford on Avon. Bradford Acoustic Festival.
Two days, various prices.
Everybody in the town who has any sort of connection with any sort of music has been included in this one, even people who have absent mindedly whistled whilst putting out the bins! No..... I jest, but it is a long list, check the website for details or email



December 20th
Free entry

The Templars Retreat, Templecombe, Somerset.
Latest project of Kate and Peter Abbot, who always host a lively evening, and as I recall, there's a brilliant fish and chip shop next door, so you could get there early, and save yourself some dish washing.


December 9th

Bromham Social Club, Wiltshire. Annual Farmers Dinner. 2pm
Afternoon job, spin-off from the Poulshott thing I did recently, so I must have been O.K


December 2nd

Forest Folk Club, The Miners Arms, Whitecroft, (Nr. Lydney)
With the Willbees, good ol' buddies of mine, we've even been known to collaborate! (They don't mind that kind of thing up the Forest)


November 17th
Tidcombe Manor Church, Near Bagshot, Wilts. 6pm
Supporting the Yirdbards
Bit of a difficult one to find this, so we're gonna get you in there whilst there's still a sliver of daylight, then your on your own coming out!


October 25th
Sunray Folk Club, Broadmayne Village Hall, DT2 8EW.
Thriving little club in the South of Dorset, just off my regular beat, so looking forward to a fresh audience, (not that the usual audiences are stale, you understand). Take a look at their website, to see their programme, I'm supporting Dave Gibb and Elly Lucas.


October 14th 
6-30pm 'til late

Pill Memorial Hall, Pill, Bristol BS20 0DH
Pill Festival, (or at least, my bit of it), extensive line up of local luminaries, heavily Nova Scotia Folk Club orientated. I'm on at 9-50pm, but I shall be dispensing wisdom and gossip in the vicinity of the bar, most of the evening.


October 6th  7.45pm

Poulshot Village Hall, Nr. Devizes Wiltshire
SN10 1RT
Harvest Supper.
Bit of an unknown quantity, this one, I know there will be food, and I know there will be me, but I don't know anything else.


September 22nd

The Quarry, Avening, Glos.
Marion Miller's annual bash in an old stone Quarry in the Cotswolds. Hundreds of acts packed into the twelve hours, I'm probably afternoonish.


September 21st

Village Pump Folk Club, The Lamb, Trowbridge.
Supporting the sensational Cathy Judge Band! Good ol' mates of mine, who are guarranteed to create a great atmosphere.


September 15th

BoA Welcomes Walkers Weekend
Check for details of venue etc.
I'm singing to the assembled noshers at the evening dinner, hopefully between courses, or maybe when all are happily stuffed, but not yet asleep


September 6th

The Swan Hotel, Bradford-on-Avon.
Bradford on Avon Fringe Festival
I will be supporting one of the nicest guys on the local scene, who also happens to be one of the most talented. The legendary Mr. Phil King, how he avoids being famous is a mystery to me.


August 21st
Seend Acoustic Club, Seend Community Centre, Wilts.
Supporting Farago, duo new to this area, support spots go on jolly early at this club, so be in your seats on the dot!


August 9th

Sun Street Acoustic Club, Sun Street Chapel, off Zion Lane, Frome.
New venture for Carol and Clive, who used to run the excellent Crypt session in Frome. No bar at this one, so bring your own preference with you, plenty of floor spots available though. Can't remember if it's free entry, but it isn't going to empty your wallet anyhow. Have a look at their Facebook page.


July 23rd
Devizes Folk Club,
The Lamb Inn, John's St., Devizes.
Apparently, a few positive reports filtered back from the Chippenham Festival, and got me this gig at the parent folk club. Word of mouth, cheaper than advertising, and more effective, (sometimes)


Friday - Sunday
July 20th- 22nd
Village Pump Folk Festival, White Horse Country Park, Westbury, Wilts.
New home for this legendary festival, and somehow I've managed to sneak into the lower reaches of a stellar line-up. I shall do me best to be worthy of the honour, don't know exactly when, or on which day, so don't blink.

July 11th
Seend W.I.
Seend Village Hall, Seend, Wiltshire.
Still shiver when I remember my last gig for the W.I., misjudged that one quite badly, will have to be a bit better prepared this time, or even just a bit better.

June 27th
The Davis Hall, West Camel, (Nr. Sparkford).
Camelot Music Night, new venue for Martine and Iain, (Sprog), but they have taken the entire crew with them, Howie, Rich etc., so the vibe will be the same, and I'm told the venue is even better.


June 14th

Royal Oak, Corsham, Wilts.
Part of the Corsham Festival Weekend, most events at The Pound Arts Centre, but this opening evening is at the home of the Acoustic Oak Folk Night. Headlining is the very popular Home Fires, further down the list is me, and most important of all, IT'S FREE!!


June 8th

Village Pump Folk Club, Timbrell St., Trowbridge.
Supporting Lowri Evans, highly rated Welsh chanteuse, she's got lots of stuff up on Youtube, if you feel inclined to google her.


June 4th
Constitutional Hall, Chippenham, Wilts.
Entry by Festival Ticket.
I am the last thing on the last day of the four day Chippenham Folk Festival, so the hall will be crammed with people desperately in need of a bath. Would be nice to see a few familiar faces, if I can spot you through the fugg!


May 25th
Royal Oak, Pewsey, Wilts.
Album launch for my good old mates the 'Yirds', and they have courageously given me a shot at their audience! Would be nice if some of you helped to pack the place, and buy their C.D. of course.


May 19th
Priddy Concerts, Priddy Village Hall, Somerset.
Supporting Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman, fixtures at the top of many a festival guest list, in the vanguard of the multitude of youngsters who made folk cool again.


April 27th

What A Performance, St James Wine Vaults, Bath.
With Sarah Jones, fiddler of repute, regular gathering in celebration of the spirit of Dave Angus.


April 21st

Green Party Social Evening
The Village Pump, the Lamb Inn, Timbrell Street, Trowbridge.

Annual gathering of like minded souls, preparing for government with a few of my diatribes ringing in their ears. There will also be tea and buns.


March 17th
7pm start
Enford Village Hall, Nr. Upavon, Wilts.
also featuring Sandy and Graham Ball, Ray Bradfield.
Bit of a tester, to find out if there is any appetite for a regular club in this venue. Hope we can drag along some experienced 'folkies', to demonstrate what a fine bunch we are!


March 13th
Bradford on Avon Folk Club, The Swan, B-o-A. I've been playing this club at it's many and various venues, for more years than I care to 
remember, probably nearer thirty than twenty. Always a lively night, and plenty of floor spots available.


March 9th
Bristol Folk House, Park Street, Bristol.
Supporting Robb Johnson.
This guy has been writing top quality, cutting edge songs, since before I nervously warbled my earliest composition to a noticeably underwhelmed Iron Acton Folk Club. He has also been a huge influence on the way I write today. Looking forward to this one. More details on the Ashkeys Music website.


March 3rd
Malmesbury Acoustic, The Three Cups, Katifer Lane, Malmesbury.
Billed as a comedy night, but if you go to their website, it explains that this is no stand-up extravaganza, more a parade of slightly amusing chaps, like me.


February 28th
Fabulous Furry Folk Night, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, 8pm
Supporting the outrageously inventive Ash Mandrake, a guy who fits perfectly the description, travelling troubadour. Never stops travelling, and never stops.......Uhm........troubadouring? Supported him several times, and it's always a good vibe.


February 7th

Seend Acoustic Club, Seend Community Centre, Wilts.
Long awaited return to Malcolm's crackin' little club, one of the best in the region.


February 3rd
The Village Pump Folk Club, Timbrell Street, Trowbridge, Wilts.
Supporting Clive Carrol, guitar wizard, whose meteoric rise through the ranks of tasty pickers, has
I think I've been booked to demonstrate what he was like twenty minutes after he first picked up a guitar



February 1st

The Oxford, Totterdown, Bristol. A Jim Tigwell promotion at one of Bristol's most adventurous music venues.


January 26th
Seend Am. Dram. Annual Party
Private function this, but I thought I'd stick it in to impress people with the breadth of my appeal.



December 3rd
Arc Theatre, Trowbridge, Wilts.
Fund raiser for Dorothy House Hospice.

November 25th

What A Performance, St. James Wine Vaults, Bath.
Supporting Ash Mandrake, multi instrumentalist, maker of loony hats, and all round decent geezer.



November 24th
Camelot Music Night, Queen Camel Village Hall, Somerset.
Extensive list of top East Somerset musicians
....oh....and me.

November 12th
Colston Hall 2, Colston St., Bristol
Supporting the wonderful Carmina, in a top concert venue.

November 2nd

The Thunderbolt, Bath Rd., Bristol.
Poetry event with a musical interlude from me.

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