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Although I arrived on the Planet earlier than most of the currently available Mike Scotts, I have somehow contrived to be later than all the others in almost every subsequent aspect of human endeavour. Consequently, my belated arrival in Cyberspace has to be artfully disguised, as more astute Mike Scotts have seized and monopolised most of the logical variations of the name.

I am however, fortunate enough to have a middle name that few, if any, of the others are eager to acquire, and so, after mouldering unnoticed for many years, between my more frequently used monikers, it at last comes into its own. I am, for the purposes of internet identification, Mike Danver Scott.

I am well into my eighth decade, and for the last four of those eight, I have been writing and singing my own songs. I can be most often found on the folk club scene in the West of England, with occasional forays into Art Centres and small concert venues, usually as a supporting artist, but now and then, you will see my name at the top of the poster, not a position I have held on a regular basis, and I have long since abandoned any ambitions in that direction.

I still consider myself to be learning my trade, the best I can hope for is that my songs either amuse or disturb, you will not find many answers in them, but I hope they might pose a few pertinent questions, and I hope you like one or two.


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